Paintsil, Paintsil & Co. is a firm of private legal practitioners, Consultants and Notaries Public. The firm was incorporated in December 2000. We operate from Goshen Chambers, situate at Osu, the very heart of Accra, the capital city of the Republic of Ghana.  Our corporate vision and mission at incorporation and continuing up to now is to provide high quality legal services to a comprehensive client base at both the national and international level. 

We offer a wealth of expertise in many areas of law. Our strong commitment to maintain quality services to our clients is achieved by a divisionalisation of the practice. We ensure that every lawyer in the firm develops specialist skills in at least one area of law. We also believe it is important to cultivate legal skills which combine specialist interest with a broader appreciation of the context in which they are applied.We utilize state of the art resources to provide high quality, efficient service and to maximize communication with clients.

The firm does its best to treat all our clients as if they were the firm’s only clients. Each client is assigned to a specific lawyer so that the client has a point of contact with the firm at all times. However, other lawyers may be assigned specific aspects of the same brief. The firm is always conscious of its hard-won image and integrity and has accordingly put in place a supervisory system that ensures that the client receives the very best quality service irrespective of the lawyer who has the conduct of the brief. 

With a worldwide trend towards Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms as an alternative to court room adjudication, we are always exploring, developing and sharpening new skills  to assist our clients out of avoidable or needless and mostly expensive litigation. We are always positioning ourselves to ensure our usefulness to our clients within the swift changing circumstances of the times.